SecuLuxe is a blockchain-enabled diamond traceability and recovery suite

It is very difficult to recover lost or stolen high value diamonds as there is currently no standard practice out there to intercept stolen goods during re-sale. SecuLuxe aims to solve this problem.

Our solution utilises blockchain technology to create a highly reliable and immutable level of trust between all involved parties.


Ground-breaking nano-laser markings are achieved via our superlens technology PCM (Plano-convex microsphere lens).

Global Luxury Goods
Recovery Solution

Our SecuLuxe network partners will be fully trained and located in key locations around the world.

Complete Traceability and Transparency

As the industry turns towards a transparent supply chain, with full traceability of Raw Earth materials, Seculuxe Blockchain technology will become the new Industry standard.

Global Diamond-Marking

We are currently the process of setting up global diamond-marking centres which will, in turn, allow us to onboard certified SecuLuxe partners who will be able to mark and add high-value goods to the SecuLuxe database.


Our selected SecuLuxe partners will implement generated IP using the Seculuxe platform, for full traceability,  showing the diamonds origins, where it was mined, cut, wholesaled, purchased, but also to create a level of trust between Bespoke Jeweller’s, the consumer & Insurance companies. As a result It would also be invaluable as a recovery tool for high end Jewellery identification.

The SecuLuxe Network

We are already deep into talks with various parties including luxury jewellers, watchmakers, crime prevention units, insurance companies, walk-in pawnbroker franchises and valuation companies.


Based on powerful hybrid blockchain network,

LTO Network
Pioneering solutions
Our technology is constantly evolving

Working in collaboration with Diamond Centre Wales and SecuLuxe The CPE Bangor team, led by Dr James Wang have recently achieved laser engraving of diamonds with a unique code that is invisible to the naked eye. In the next stage of the project, we will be integrating the unique PCM superlens to try to achieve even smaller identification codes.


In an Optics Letters paper, published earlier this year, Yan and coworkers achieved minuscule laser engraved patterns with features as small as 350nm, well below the 800nm laser wavelength. The heart of this low-cost nano-laser marking device is a new superlens design called PCM (Plano-convex microsphere lens). This consists of a standard plano-convex lens and glass microsphere with a 50 micron diameter that is encapsulated to the lens. This simple design enables large area complex designs to be made with improved reliability and repeatability compared with other microsphere-based laser fabrication techniques.

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Diamond Centre Wales

Since its inception as a Limited company, Diamond Centre Wales, (DCW) has always embraced technology, but are now keen innovators within the Jewellery Industry. Most recently with their Augmented reality App Ceric, Precious metal Selective melting powder bed fusion additive manufacturing project Jewelprint (innovate UK), and SecuLuxe Jewellery Provenance and Recovery tool.​


15000V is an award-winning full-service creative agency comprised of developers, creatives, and marketers. 15000v works with some of the worlds leading brands including Sony, Bentley, The Royal Mint, Under Armour, The Protein Works 883 Police and more.


ScanTrust provides physical products with an online identity. With their smart and secure QR-code services ScanTrust support companies that depend on selling physical products in a digital world.   

LTO Network

LTO Network makes one of the most flexible blockchains for businesses that can be applied to almost every trust requiring use-case. LTO’s hybrid blockchain consists of a public and ad-hoc private blockchain. LTO Network attaches great importance to collaboration and to simplify the blockchain integration in every organisation.

Bangor University

The CPE Bangor team, led by Dr James Wang are leaders in the field with the research and development of super-resolution imaging nanoscope and nano-marking techniques. We have worked closely with their team to develop an industry-first, groundbreaking solution for marking diamonds which forms the backbone of our SecuLuxe technology.

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